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Wrought Iron Scrolls

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Products/Services: Wrought Iron Scrolls 
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Last Updated: 2012-09-25
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Wrought Iron Scrolls
Iron commonly used metal materials.
(A) the non-ferrous metal materials
Wrought iron common non-ferrous metal material is copper and aluminum. Of course, the in some treasures workers, wrought iron also use gold, silver and other precious metals.
(2) ferrous materials
1, iron
The iron composition is more complex, the carbon content is high, generally of iron having a carbon content of 2.1% - 6.7%.
2, Steel
Steel of low carbon content and hardness. Steel is a many different types, according to the different chemical compositions into carbon and alloy steels.
(1) carbon steel
Carbon content less than 0.25% of the steel, low carbon steel, plastic, and the best weldability, the carbon content of 0.25% - 0.6% of the steel, carbon steel, plastics and poor weldability. More than 0.6% of the carbon content of the steel, high carbon steel, plastics and weldability is very poor.
(2) Alloy Steel
In steel (except mixed outside), in particular by adding some elements, it has some special properties of this steel is steel. Use cost less Yadi handmade ironwork

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