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 located in the transportation, industrial development, business thriving city of Qingdao, after decades of ups and downs, developed to be able to produce on a row of water used in ships, salvage and water-related engineering and other types of supporting a full range of airbags.
With the more comprehensive concept of marine products, with the market in recent years, the situation should be further research, I put a lot of factory labor, material, energy, bringing together a large number of shipbuilding and chemical expertise, the development of high-strength "catamaran" balloon. The advantage of this two-body bag is: the internal skeleton structure more scientific, the thylakoid-free joints, can take full advantage of reinforcing material resistant to tensile forces. Resolved by the internal pressure of uneven wall weakness, and no delamination, blistering, not prone to the risk of sudden burst.
      In addition to high strength balloon for two-body medi... [Detailed Introduction]
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